The perks of being an animated logo

What is an animated logo? Also, why is it rising as a new trend in brand communication? 

To answer these questions, let’s first consider what a logo is.

What is a logo?

We could define a logo as a concise image of a brand. It can be a logotype, where the brand name is easily recognized thanks to the size, color, shape of fonts, a symbol, a picture, or a combination of all these elements. A logo is effectual when it is simple, easy to spot and memorize, pleasant to watch, and able to communicate an idea that is consistent with the brand vision.

A Logo, in this sense, is a powerful tool in communication. Why then we need to animate it?

Motion design is a leading trend

We saw in our previous article about Motion Graphic that animated elements are a prominent trend, as they can provide original easy-to- share solutions for all kind of purposes. We live in a visually-oriented society, surrounded by a massive and overwhelming amount of information. We long for rapid and concise messages that drive our attention and stick to our memory, before being wiped out by the following stimulus.

Animated logos can improve brand awareness.

No matter how creative a designer may be, it is pretty hard to be genuinely original when creating a logo. Color, fonts, shapes, or elements that evoke a company business (books, wheels, cameras) often repeat themselves. However, original graphics, combined with different visual effects, create a unique way to perceive the logo. 

Also, animated logos can be short video clips, appear at the end or the beginning of a longer video, or can be converted into gifs to share on social networks. In a world dominated by dynamic content, they are a powerful tool.  They surprise people and draw their attention, improving online presence. They can play a significant role in an SEO strategy.

Animated logos can convey a brand vision.

In a logo, every single element is meaningful. Vivid, bold colors can connote strength, together with square shapes and weighty fonts.

Everything directed to children is playful and dazzling, and primary colors are a favorite choice.  Elements like geometric arrows, spheres or frames, add a second level meaning, that people do not always understand at first glance. Animation can spice up a static logo, by bringing to surface the multiple implications of all its elements, including how they relate to each other.  It works as a short video, telling the story beneath the logo, and explaining the nature and the vision of a business. Video content also triggers emotional responses and sets an emotional connection with viewers.


Why don’t you take a look at our animated logo?